Grace Chadwick

University of South Carolina '19

AES has worked with all 3 of my children from the collegiate level to elementary school, SAT/ACT prep, as well as college planning. Their professional staff at AES have helped my children become more successful and confident in the classroom.

​                                - Leslie Kiefer

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Cornelia Dorr

​Garrison Forest School '16

Academy of Notre Dame de Namur   '19

Villanova, PA

The Zotovics

Our daughter, Cornelia Dorr, had an exceptional experience with Aiken Educational Services during her senior year  in boarding school. Cornelia is a competitive equestrian in 3 Day Eventing and has spent years of winter breaks in Aiken.  During her last winter in Aiken, she was hoping to qualify for the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) that summer of 2016.  She needed to devote more time to her horses’ training program than usual, which posed a significant problem to her academic requirements.
"Due to the additional requirements to qualify and be selected for the championships, Cornelia needed to be absent from her boarding school for many weeks at a time, during her senior year. Thanks to a fellow equestrian’s  recommendation, we contacted Tara and began the process of planning the coordination needed for Cornelia to stay abreast of her school’s curricular demands.  Tara and her team bought the same texts that Cornelia was using in each of her subjects.  They then worked with each of Cornelia’s teachers to determine what she would be missing, and what the assignments and assessments were going to be during Cornelia’s numerous and lengthy absences.  The communication and coordination between AES and Cornelia’s school was seamless. 
"Cornelia was thrilled with her teachers at AES and loved the study environment. She was impressed by her teachers, who were always prepared, knowledgeable and thoughtful.  She wished that she had known of AES earlier in her high school career and could have spent more of her school time in Aiken studying with them.  Cornelia’s academic results, while working with Aiken Educational Services, were superior to those achieved while in residence at school. Several of her boarding school teachers commented on her higher marks and easy transition back into the school academic program upon her return.
“We are very grateful to Tara and her team of teachers for working with Cornelia and for keeping her in excellent academic standing.  With the help of Aiken Educational Services, Cornelia kept up with her school curriculum and  spent more time training and competing. As a direct result of this opportunity to study and train in Aiken, Cornelia was selected to represent Area 1 in the NAJYRC that July, 2016. It was with great success that Cornelia earned Team Gold and Individual Bronze!  Furthermore, AES contributed to Cornelia’s trajectory of success, as she earned Team Gold, Individual Silver and Individual Bronze at the most recent Championships (NAJYRC) in July 2017. Truly, we credit AES for playing a crucial role in Cornelia’s education and training that has permitted her the time to attain her athletic goals.  Many thanks to Tara and her team.

                        - Ellie and Tim Dorr

The Kiefer's

The Chadwick Family

Petar (Emory '19), Katarina (Emory '21), Marko (Emory '18),  Stefan (Emory '19)

Alex (SAHS '19), Victoria (USCA "19), Siler (KMS)

As a mom of three children, each with different learning styles, I am deeply grateful for the nurturing environment Aiken Educational Services provides.  Over the past eight years, Aiken Educational Services has served our family through SAT/ACT prep, scholarship application reviews, specific course instruction, organizational skills, and developing strategies to address multiple learning disabilities.  Aiken Educational Services is accommodating.  Aiken Educational Services has provided significant, meaningful learning opportunities.  Beyond the overwhelming measurable academic success, I am most thankful for the scholastic confidence I now see in my children, largely accredited to the influence of the talented team at Aiken Educational Services.

                                         ​- Martha Chadwick

Dear Tara and all of the teachers at Aiken Educational Services,
We can not thank you enough for the time and care in educating our daughter Madison this year. The 8 weeks she spent with all of you prepared her
beyond her or her teachers expectations when she returned home from her Equestrian competition season to her high school. She not only returned being ahead of her classmates in material but better prepared then before she left.
Your schools ability to give one on one attention and structure to your students allows them to truly learn the material and most importantly the ability then to successfully apply what and how they are learning to future classes.
Madison finished the school year with better grades then when she started, you built not only her grades but her confidence to learn ! Her only wish is that she could be with you all year,Kudos to your team for sharing your gift of education and making such a positive difference in a students life.

                                                          - Michelle & Sean O'Donnell

Visiting Equestrian Student

Madison O'Donnell



Over the past four years, Aiken Educational Services has greatly helped my four children throughout their college preparation and application processes. Mrs. Bostwick and her staff were extraordinary - always available, helpful, and supportive. My husband and I are exceedingly thankful and appreciative for all AES has done for our kids. We credit much of their academic successes at Emory University to the team of Aiken Educational Services.


                                - Danijela Zotovic MD, PhD

My high school experience would not have been as successful if I had not been provided with the resources at Aiken Educational Services.  I struggle with test anxiety; however, after attending tutoring and receiving encouragement and reassurance from Mrs. Bostwick and her colleagues, I was able to overcome this obstacle and graduate with honors as well as receive academic scholarships for my college career. Not only did I take tutoring lessons for my high school classes, I also participated in SAT and ACT preparation courses through AES. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to achieve the score that I did if it had not been for the preparation courses.  Now, I am in my junior year at the University of South Carolina, working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and a minor in Psychology.  I owe the majority of my confidence in my educational endeavors towards the skills I was taught through Aiken Educational Services. Tara Bostwick is one of the most respectful, encouraging, and exceptional people I have had the opportunity to interact with and I will forever be grateful for the resources she provided me through Aiken Educational Services. 


                                                ​- Grace Chadwick