How An Educational Consultant Can Help Your Family

Websites do not ever tell the whole story about the inside culture of a school and whether it will be the right fit for your child. An experienced Educational Consultant knows the right questions to ask.

You Need More Than Just a list of Schools !

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The AES goal is to make educational choices that will optimize the student’s chances for success. AES will review your options and make professional recommendations on a plan of action. We work together honestly and candidly in order to do what is right for the student, but family always makes the final decisions.

When searching for the right school or program, whether it’s an international school, a boarding school, therapeutic program, or a university, the options can seem endless and the selection and admissions process complex. An educational consultant with extensive experience and first hand knowledge of schools, programs, and universities will save you months of research. Most of all, an experienced educational consultant can help you prevent mistakes that can cost you and your child heartache as well as money.